Most of my work is a journey, as well as statement of my surroundings. Things happen all around us all the time, whether we acknowledge them or ignore them are always up to us.

I try to record some of mine, but life moves so fast, I just can't get them all, I attempt to nail down a certain Idea, feeling, something I have seen, or story I've been told, an experience that has made a lasting impression..... We all have similar pleasures and fears I attempt to come clean, without spelling everything out, I would rather you try to figure some of these things out, come up with your own conclusion, to have you pay more attention to your own world.

At one point or another we all end up in one of my paintings, what you see here, could help you decipher where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

Not all of it is pretty.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

digital photo

It was really cold out there, I think a lot of this was steam....
I took several of these waiting for the wind to shift in the right direction.
I don't like being cold, but I like the effects it has on some of my photo's, especially when the subject is producing heat.


Caio Fern said...

well.... perfect !

Brian Sylvester said...


Ah, I finally caught one of your posts in the dashboard! I see that you have been busy, and I like what I see! Keep it up!

Have a great holiday!

jbkrost said...

Thanks, thats quite a nod, coming from you!!
apperciate it

Yeah.. I can run but I can't hide, its been a crazy time of year, but I've managed to get some work out!
apperciate you stopping by.

you also have a pleasant holiday!

Laura said...

its so good. happy christmas/new years the whole thing!

Momo Luna said...

Great photo!

JB, tnx for your kind comments, friendship and support.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great 2011!

Kisses for you, Monica

jbkrost said...

much thanks!
hope your holidays are good!, look forward to the project!


Thanks, I apperciate your words and your beautiful art work...
Hope next year is healthful and productive