Most of my work is a journey, as well as statement of my surroundings. Things happen all around us all the time, whether we acknowledge them or ignore them are always up to us.

I try to record some of mine, but life moves so fast, I just can't get them all, I attempt to nail down a certain Idea, feeling, something I have seen, or story I've been told, an experience that has made a lasting impression..... We all have similar pleasures and fears I attempt to come clean, without spelling everything out, I would rather you try to figure some of these things out, come up with your own conclusion, to have you pay more attention to your own world.

At one point or another we all end up in one of my paintings, what you see here, could help you decipher where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

Not all of it is pretty.


Monday, May 10, 2010


digital photo


Melissa Ekberg Fernandes said...

your photos are masterpieces to me .

jbkrost said...

miss Fernandes,(ciao)
you have awfully large breasts for making such a comment!
do you take them to church?
much thanks

SKIZO said...


Liv Sørvaag said...

This photo is so good !
Good komposition .
B. Liv

jbkrost said...

I hope you all know I am just messing around with Caio (the breast comment)

appericate you stopping by, and leaving a comment.
thanks glad you like!

so kind of you!! I am really liking the work you are doing!!
thanks for your words.

Momo Luna said...

Haha, i know JB, i like your comment to Caio, pardon, Melissa. :-P

Another great industrial photograph. I like the blue in it.

jbkrost said...

thank you momo....
yes that Melissa is a character..
glad you like the photo, its buying me a little time while I finish the painting I'm working on.

Eva said...

I am a fan of Franz Kline and his love of structure and line. This great photo has all of it!Super

jbkrost said...

Thank you eva...
yes I apperciate the comparison, I have a way to go before I can get to franz's level (a long way) but thanks so much

Anonymous said...

This looks like a shot I might take. Don't take that the wrong way; it means I like it, and don't see enough of such...odd little vistas, beautifully composed.

(Ciao's asking to be messed with, if you ask me. I went over there twice before I finally gave up on gettin' a closer look. ;p)

jbkrost said...

yea ciao need to be messed with!!
thanks, I just recently clicked your page I will explore more with time, the problem is, if I go through everyones post by post I'll never get any of my own work done.