Most of my work is a journey, as well as statement of my surroundings. Things happen all around us all the time, whether we acknowledge them or ignore them are always up to us.

I try to record some of mine, but life moves so fast, I just can't get them all, I attempt to nail down a certain Idea, feeling, something I have seen, or story I've been told, an experience that has made a lasting impression..... We all have similar pleasures and fears I attempt to come clean, without spelling everything out, I would rather you try to figure some of these things out, come up with your own conclusion, to have you pay more attention to your own world.

At one point or another we all end up in one of my paintings, what you see here, could help you decipher where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

Not all of it is pretty.


Friday, January 29, 2010




Eva said...

Hmm... I think I know what you're saying here. Sometimes with art we have to get to the raw, hard to look at parts of things to create something beautiful. Sometimes it hurts to do. But it's worth it. For everyone... really.

I hope it all comes together in your head, and I hope this painting helped. I really love this one. Something about the simplicity of it really touched me. When I look at it it reminds me of a fine line between so many things in life and how we blur from side to side occasionally.

I hope that made at least a little bit of sense.

jbkrost said...

hey thanks.
glad you like it.
yeah, had to get it all in place...
ready to roll.

Liv Sørvaag said...

this is good, JB !

hope you get along with your new paiting .
All take time,
I can work with a picture fordays and years,
but suddenly it can
happen to be something, and that is
a good feeling.
Think your colours is
beutiful... have a nice creative week !

all the best ! Liv

jbkrost said...

hey liv,
thanks for the comment....
I agree, these things do take time!
I've been lucky enough to have some good inspriation for this one.
your doing great work I love it all

Momo Luna said...

it reminds me on a foggy morning, the sun is just rising.....

I love the atmoshere in it.

Sweet greetz for you!

Caio Fernandes said...

this painting is exellent !!!
wow !! i really liked this !1

jbkrost said...

thanks once again, I never tire of your comments or your art work
sweet greets also

your like a mad-dog in a meat market!!! much thanks. I hope it translates