Most of my work is a journey, as well as statement of my surroundings. Things happen all around us all the time, whether we acknowledge them or ignore them are always up to us.

I try to record some of mine, but life moves so fast, I just can't get them all, I attempt to nail down a certain Idea, feeling, something I have seen, or story I've been told, an experience that has made a lasting impression..... We all have similar pleasures and fears I attempt to come clean, without spelling everything out, I would rather you try to figure some of these things out, come up with your own conclusion, to have you pay more attention to your own world.

At one point or another we all end up in one of my paintings, what you see here, could help you decipher where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

Not all of it is pretty.


Saturday, June 5, 2010


acrylic/split canvas
23"x 20.5"

I have a new found respect for anyone that does paintings of ones self....

This is my latest attempt, I have done only 2 others, there is a reason for that.

I find it hard to concentrate on my face for any length of time, I see it everyday, and at times tend not to like what I see.

This is not exact, but rather more a feeling or gist of what I see, with a bit of artistic license.


NIKKI said...

i feel the same about looking at my face for too long...this is a great self portrait...they are hard to do:)

Caio Fernandes said...

this is intence . and that cut in the midle....
i think that painting a face , your own face , isn't diferent than painting any other object .
you must to look at it as was the first time you see it . discovering and redescovering every detail .
i liked this work ... i liked these colors a lot .

Shayna Prentice said...


Stan Kurth said...

I really like the feel and composition of this painting and especially the fringe line dividing it.

jbkrost said...

thanks, yeah after looking at this a few times on the screen, I see a few thing that need to be tweeked.
I may rework and repost.
(they are hard to do)

Thanks, good advise coming from the master of S.P.
The details are what get you there, it looks a bit diffrent on the screen than on the easel.
I will follow you advise

one word "THANKS"
your doing some wonderful work over there!

thank you, yeah I've been weaving and layering the canvas for a while, it adds a bit of texture to the work, without building up the paint, its kind of an exploration of the space and a way for me to work the composition in a diffrent way

Liv Sørvaag said...

JB !
I really like your selfportrait
and the colours you use..I like the artistic way this portrait turned out to be !
I agree with caio , to see your face as it was the first time , !!
I have tried two or three times to draw selfp. , but maybe <i should make a new try some day!
Best Liv

Eva said...

Self portraits are always interesting to see because you get a sense of how the painter views himself. This was executed very well.

jbkrost said...

Thanks, it is a bit daunting, although I think I just scratched the surface. I will make another attempt this year.
thanks again

thank you
yeah I think a s.p. is somewhat like painting outside, you've gotta grab it quick... everything changes with the light or in this case, time and feelings

Katherine said...

JB fabulous, so revealing, to me that's what makes a good self portrait.

Thea Schrack said...

I imagine, only imagine this is the ultimate test to our dedication to painting, to follow through and reveal ones self to ones self, you did it though! Must add it to my aspirations!


jbkrost said...

Thanks so much, I only hope I didn't reveal too much, quite a complement, apperciate it

Thank-you also, yeah it wasn't all pretty, it can frustrate anyone...
still not sure if it's totally there, but I'll live with it, and attempt another sometime this year.

Pisces Iscariot said...

It's difficult to marry the picture of ourselves we carry behind our eyes and the one we see in the mirror.
I suspect you are being a little brutal with yourself JB - beautiful (and unique) work nonetheless.

Momo Luna said...

Wow! This is very good JB! I love the colors you use (as always) Your paintings are so intense and strong. I've never painted a selfportrait, but i've draw myself several times.
I so love the cut in this painting, it's intruiging and brings questions.
Absolutely great work!

jbkrost said...

self-brutality is a krost trademark
and it is hard to keep the two(what we think vs. what we see) apart thanks for the shout out!

thanks good to see you drop in, thanks, I use a split canvas, and there are always questions.
I think mush of your work is you when I look at your work

Poetic Artist said...

This is a great self portrait. This is wonderful

jbkrost said...

thanks they are quite a challenge, it make you look hard at your physical self.. not always fun

ALeks said...

Wow! Wonderful!

jbkrost said...

thanks they are quite a challenge,
I will do another at years end or beginning of next year.